Navid Lancaster

Podcast Release Date: Friday, July 28, 2023

Navíd is a musician, music producer and the owner of LANCAST Ltd, an independent company that creates music for film, animation, video games and mobile applications. Navid tells his story about learning the guitar as a teenager to working with Kenny Phillips and Proden Studio before striking it out on his own. He tells the incredible story of his start in the business by handing out a rudimentary business card to Steven Taylor and shortly after being asked to score his film Buck, the Man Spirit. I play scores that Navid has composed at the end of the interview.

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Masud Olufani

Podcast Release Date: Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Masud is an artist, writer, and an actor. He talks about his spiritual journey and his work in the interview. You can find his work at I caught Masud while heading out from his studio. As a result the voice quality is lacking and there is background noise. But please be patient. At about 12 minutes into the interview the sound quality improves significantly. Songs played: 1. Where There Is Love-Elika Mahoney - Album: Birds Of Love 2. Whither Can a Lover Go - Jody Cooper • "Whither Can a Lo... 3. Wilderness - Eric Dozier; 4. Prayer for the Departed - Yosi Mesbah - Album: Badasht Vol. III - Visionaries 5. Beautiful Soul - Shameem - Album: The Second City 6. Let All Associate - Creation

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Llewellyn Drong

Podcast Release Date: Thursday, March 9, 2023

Llewellyn was raised in the Disciples of Christ church, its origins coming out of the Second Great Awakening in the early 19th century in the US when protestant Christianity was spread through revivals. Llewellyn tells his story of how his spiritual journey led him to the Baha'i Faith, and then how being a Baha'i caused him to look back at milestone incidents in his life that led him on that path. The following songs are played at the end:
1. Truthfulness by Nabil Moghaddam
2. Unite by Ali Youssefi
3. Walk A Little Farther - Artists Unknown
4. Where there is love by Andy Grammer

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